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Weather Reminder

posted Jan 20, 2013, 7:29 PM by Mustang TrackXC
There is a weather advisory for Tuesday afternoon, calling for some of the coldest temperatures in two years.  If it does end up being that cold, we will still practice, but will remain indoors.  

This provides a good chance to remind everyone though, that some of our competitions will take place during cold/drizzly/windy/etc. conditions.  We should be prepared to train in those conditions as well.  Be responsible for making sure you have the proper gear, to get the proper training.  

NOT SURE WHAT TO WEAR TO TRAIN IN THE WINTER? I have run for years in conditions that will put ice on my beard...I just have to wear the proper gear to get quality training.  Here is what I suggest:

Hats and gloves are a must.  I always keep one set in my bag and one set in the truck. 

Multiple layers is better than one sweatshirt.  Wear something like tights or underarmor, then a pair of sweats over the top of that.  If you get too warm, you can always peel a layer off.  

It does not need to be expensive stuff...I personally will never pay $50 for an UnderArmor brand shirt or something like that.  Instead, try Target or somewhere like that.  Most of the off-brands have essentially the same technology in their gear now, for about one-third of the price.