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Transportation Fee and Meet procedures

posted Apr 2, 2013, 9:50 PM by Mustang TrackXC
Transportation fee is $40.  Please have the checks or cash (in an envelope with your name on it) in to either Coach Rosenburgh or Coach Mobley by the end of next week.  For those who sold 7 or more items in the fundraiser, we will cover your transportation fee.  If you qualify, please bring your fundraiser sheet to Coach Rosenburgh or Coach Mobley.
We recognized that we have a lot of new members to the team and should clarify our expectations for the meet.  We would like to make sure that the following things happen each meet.
  • Proper warmup routine (as a team, then split to specific groups)
  • Be aware of where we are in the meet.  Listen for first, second, and third call for your events.  First call should already be warmed up and should be getting ready to head to the start line.  Check in with event officials before second call.  Second call you must be there to check in.  Third (final call) the event will start.
  • Be aware of your teammates' ongoing performances.  Focus on getting yourself ready for your events, but look for opportunities to cheer on your teammates.
  • Everyone was issued a track bag.  When sweats come off, they are to go directly in the bag.  Too much confusion arises when people are grabbing stuff out of a big pile of 4 or 5 warmup suits.
  • During the 4x400 (final event of the night) all members not still competing are to be around the track to cheer on this final group.  The 400 is a grueling event and the support of teammates goes a long way.  More than one or two meets in the past few years has come down to the results at that final event.  Lets make sure we end the night with a bang.
  • Cooldown laps as a team. 
  • Team meeting immediately after the cooldown laps.  This is usually conducted in the infield or somewhere on the track.  If it is cold, we will try to find a better place for it. 
  • Clean up after the meet.  Away meets, this means leaving our area spotless...even if stuff was there before we came, we will leave it looking nice.  Home meets, we will clean up trash from around the facility before leaving.
  • All team members should be present for the duration.  We don't leave the meet after our events are done.  We leave the meet after the team is done.
If we can all get those things done the right way, then we put ourselves in a good position to have a successful meet.