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Sports Nutrition Clinic

posted Feb 5, 2013, 10:31 AM by Mustang TrackXC
Our student-athletes are pushing their bodies to perform.  In order to stay healthy while doing so, they MUST be getting enough fuel.  However, performance driven nutrition goes way beyond simply eating "more" than they used to.  Performance driven nutrition means getting the RIGHT kind of fuel as well.  (Think about what would happen to a diesel trucks if you put a bunch of gasoline in the tank.  Sure, it may fill up the tank, but is it what that particular engine needs to generate power??)

WHO: Amy Freel, Sports Nutrionists. She is practicing nutritionist for Indiana Athletics, specifically football.

WHAT: Sport Nutrition, Pre-season, In-season, Post-Season, Pre-game, Game, Post-Game, Pre-workout, Post-workout, Supplements, etc…

WHEN: February 20th - Parents 6:00 PM
Athletes 7:00 pm

WHERE: Edgewood High School Auditorium

FOR WHOM: For all Edgewood Parents and Athletes