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Schedule, Roster, & Notes for Monroe County Warmup Meet

posted Mar 6, 2014, 11:28 AM by Mustang TrackXC   [ updated Mar 6, 2014, 11:39 AM ]
Meet at the IU Indoor Track (Gladstein Fieldhouse) N.W. entrance between 5:00 and 5:15.  YOU CAN NOT enter the building until after 5:00, when IU's practice is supposed to be done. 
We are running in team gear, so please arrive ready to, in full uniforms.

NOTE: Admission is $5 (this is a small meet, and expensive to rent the facility.  This helps offset some of that cost for our kids to have this chance to run.)

  *   Enter the fieldhouse by the northwest doors under Team Entry.  Do not use other doors to the building for security.
  *   No one is allowed to go into the Assembly Hall or lockerooms.
  *   Please keep team areas picked up.
  *   Spikes can be no longer than 1/4" and they may not be Christmas tree or needle style.
  *   Blocks will be provided.
  *   Hip and chest numbers will be worn in the 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and anchor leg of 4x400.
  *   Athletes must check in with the clerk at 2nd call.  Clerking will be done behind the start line of the 60m races, then just beyond the finish line, and on the outside of the oval for all other races.
  *   We will be on a rolling schedule, so you may want to suggest to athletes their warmup times based on number of heats in the program.  I estimate the meet concluding about 9:15pm.
  *   Once an athlete is done with a field event or the 60s, they need to be out of the infield.
  *   Warmups can take place on the far east end of the building and hurdles are in this area.
  *   Also remind them we are using cameras for the finish line and they need to be conscious of those areas to not block the view.
  *   There is a $5 admission for spectators, which is important to our keeping the team entry fee where it is in order to pay off our expenses.

Approximate Time Schedule for Monroe County Warmup  3/6/14


 6:00pm-  G60m Hurdles  (2)

6:10pm-  B60m Hurdles (2)

6:15pm-  G60m  (5)

6:25pm-  B60m  (6)

6:35pm-  G1600 (1)

6:45pm-  B1600  (2)

7:00pm-  G400  (3)

7:10pm-  B400  (3)

7:20pm-  G800  (2)

7:30pm-  B800  (3)

7:40pm-  G200  (7)

7:55pm-  B200  (7)

8:10pm-  G3200  (1)

8:25pm-  B3200  (1)

8:40pm-  G4x400  (1)

8:50pm-  B4x400  (1)



Beyers,Levi         7.46       

Blake,Rhett        7.68       

Weiss,Terry        7.91       

Craig,Adam         NT         

Mayfield,Kaven                NT         

Poling,Lucas       NT         



Smith,Austin      23.9       

Beyers,Levi         24.39    

Weiss,Terry        27.15    

Harrison,Zack     27.43    

Pugh,Jace            28          

Blake,Rhett        NT         

Poling,Lucas       NT         

Saylor,Mason    NT         



Harrison,Zack     51.3       

Chambers,Damien          53.06    

Saylor,Mason    57.5       

Pugh,Jace            58          



Phillips,Hank      2:06       

Boruff,Blair         2:12       

Rund,Kyle           2:12       

Brown,Dalton    2:15       

Douglas,Caleb   2:18       

Lloyd,Jayce         2:30       

Michael,Alex      2:30       

McGlothlin,Tyler              2:35       

Trowbridge,Nick               2:35       

Welch,Nate        2:35       

Fehrenbach,Joey             2:37.94 

Houghton,Michael          2:40       



Phillips,Hank      4:44       

Weller,Nathan  4:55       

Bower,Tre           5:27.95 

Michael,Alex      5:30       



Gossett,Michael               10:45    

Weller,Nathan  10:48    


60m HH

Smith,Austin      8.63       

Saylor,Mason    9.76       

Chambers,Damien          NT         


4 x 400m

Squad A               3:33.17 


Squad B                3:50       


Squad C                4:00       


Squad D               NT         




Craig,Adam         NH         

Housel,Eli            NH         

Mobley,Chase   NH         

Simmonds,Evan                NH         



Pugh,Jace            17' 0"    

Housel,Eli            15' 11.75"            

Bennett,Colton 15' 1"    

Poling,Lucas       14' 5"    

Blake,Rhett        ND         

Mobley,Nick      ND         



Mosby,Partick   46' 5"    

Morgan,Moses 37' 11"  

Wagner,Zack      37' 5"    

Feather,Cade    33' 0"    

Bouchard,Dion  ND         

Gaunt,Cody        ND         

Mathena,Ethan                ND         

McGlothlin,Don                ND         

Selbe,Brandon  ND         

Waltz,James       ND


Name (Girls) 1600 400 800 200 3200 4x4 H J PV LJ SP 60 H 60
Bennett, Dedra X
Bosstick, Brynn X X
Bower, Makenzi X
Butcher, Ireland X X
Carter, Jasmine
Chasteen, Taylor X X
Collings, Natalie X B X
Conway, Elizabeth X X A X
Cooper, Kaylee X X
Cowden, Paige B Alt
Curtis, Tori X
Davis, Shania X
Delos Santos, Marielle X X
Dreher, Sydney X X X
Fehrenbach, Vanessa
Fisher, Mallory X B Alt X
Gilliland, Riana X
Guadron, Kathy X X
Hash, Brooke X X
Hornick, Celine X X
Johnson, Alex X X B Alt X
Jones, Emily X
Judge, Megan X X
Kinser, KK X X
Kojder, Alyssa
Lawson, Alyssa X
Leonard, Jada X
Miller, Mady X X A
Mitchell, Seana X X X
Neidigh, Holly X
Orlowski, Celeste X X X X
Sears, Hannah X X A Alt
Sherfield, Erin A X X
Skirvin, Kaci X B X
Steinmetz, Jessica X X
Thornton, Karly X X A
Vecrumba, Amber B X X
Vecrumba, Ashlyn X
Walden, Rachel X X
Weber, Isla X B X X
Werner, Emily