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First meet recap

posted Mar 31, 2015, 11:38 PM by Mustang TrackXC
  1. First of all, great job athletes.  With a very limited indoor season, this was our first true meet and we got some really positive things out of it.  It gives us a good starting point for our season.  
  2. Record your meet in your Training Log.  Recap what went well.  What didnt go so well.  Think about pre meet routine and see if there is something you could improve on.  Always be looking for positives to build on, and things that you want to focus on in the coming days, to get better.
  3. Thank you volunteers who helped us with clerking races, working field events, announcing, and working the concessions.  It take a team effort to pull off a great meet for our kids, and we did a fantastic job of that tonight. Our next home meet is on April 14th (Mooresville and Terre Haute South).  We could sure use the help again, but please lets spread the load around so the same folks arent always left with the hosting responsibilities. 
  4. Check the results page for full results from the meet and the recap and highlights.  
  • We go last, so we will complete our workouts by about 4:15, which should give 10-15 minutes to change and be ready for the pictures.  All athletes should have their full warmups. 
  • Some groups might be working in the pool on Wednesday.  They were told about it earlier in the week, but as usual they should have regular running gear as well as their pool gear, in case we are not able to get in there for some reason. 
GREAT JOB once again.  Lets take the postives and build on it as we move into our season.  Today was great, but tomorrow it will be our past.  SMASH THE PAST!!