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Distance Group Workouts

posted Mar 15, 2015, 12:08 PM by Mustang TrackXC
Since there will be some guys out of town I figured you would want the schedule for the next few days. 

Monday: 2mi VO2 run.
2mile warmup, dynamics, strides
2miles all-out. Effort should be to exhaustion. Remember that this sets up our training for the next couple of weeks.  Give it all you got!
20 minute shakeout run with a good stretch.

Tuesday: 8x400
2 mile very active warmup (throwing in strides and speed bursts).  

8x400, 3min rest. using Mondays newly established vo2 pace.  
To find target pace: take the vo2 pace per mile and find the total number of seconds. Multiply that by 1.1.  Divide that by 4. Subtract about 5seconds from the previous number to get your target.  (Example: For a 10:40 it's 5:20 pace.==> 5:20 pace is 320 seconds ==> 320x1.1=352==>352 / 4 = 88 ==> 88-5=83.  The target pace should be 1:20-1:23)

3mi shakeout run, elevate legs and stretch

Wednesday: 6-7mi recovery run
Also do body core.