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Distance group Spring Break workouts

posted Mar 17, 2014, 11:50 AM by Mustang TrackXC
8x400 on 3:00 rest (1.5 wmup, dynamics, 1.5mi cldn)

Tempo Run (4mi).  1st 2, ease into it and go progressive.  Final 2 mi, hit your LT pace (85%)

Flying 30m.  1.5 mi wmup, dynamics, 10xflying 30m w/ 4:00 rest (do 5m acceleration, 20m all out, 5 m deceleration), 3-4 mi cldn at a very gentle pace.

"30 seconds of death".  Ahhh, its a fun workout.  Do a proper warmup as usual, with dynamics and all.  Then run 30s as fast as you can.  Measure the distance.  Rest 6-8 minutes.  Then do it again.  Rest 6-8 minutes.  Do that as many times as you can, until the distance you cover is less than 90% of your original distance.

Friday: Recovery Run (4-6mi at gentle pace)

Saturday: wmup, 6x45seconds fast (on grass) w/ 8:00 rest.  , 2-4 mi very gentle pace.

Sunday: Nothing.  No running at all.  Just rest

Get in touch with Coach mobley if you have questions about your pace targets.