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WIC All-Conference Banquet Wednesday

posted Jun 9, 2015, 9:13 AM by Mustang TrackXC

Just a final reminder, that the winners of any event (Individual or relay) at the 2015 WIC Championships will be recognized at the annual All-Conference banquet tomorrow night (Wednesday June 10th, at Owen Valley High School).

5:30 PM, all WIC Champions should be at Entrance #4 (athletic doors) no later than 5:30.  A quick photo will be taken, and we will all ride a bus over together.  
6:15, Dinner for the conference champions is provided.
7:00, Awards Ceremony starts in the auditorium at Owen Valley High School.

Sprint Camp Opportunity

posted Jun 3, 2015, 8:35 PM by Mustang TrackXC   [ updated Jun 3, 2015, 8:35 PM ]

Sprinters, including hurdlers, there is a pretty cool opportunity to learn from 2X-Olympic medalist David Neville.  Camp cost is $75, and is in July

Upcoming Dates

posted Jun 3, 2015, 7:21 AM by Mustang TrackXC

Thursday, June 4th:  8 AM- State Finalist Practice at the IU Track

Thursday, June 4th: 6PM - Track Team Banquet at the Shelterhouse behind EPS

Friday, June 5th: 3PM- IHSAA State Finals start (Brandon starts us off with throws at 3:00)

Wednesday, June 10th: 5:30- WIC All-Conference Dinner:  Meet at entrance #4 at 5:30 to head over.  Dinner starts at 6:15 and awards at 7:00.  This is all conference champions in an individual event or a relay. 

Attention Hurdlers, Jumpers, and Vaulters

posted Jun 1, 2015, 10:33 AM by Mustang TrackXC

If you are currently competing in the high jump, long jump, pole vault, or either hurdle race (or if you would like to learn those events) there are going to be some opportunities for you to keep your progress going through the summer.  

Your events are very techincal, and the more repetitions you get the better off you will be.  It would be hard to envision someone taking six or seven months completely off, then just picking right back up where you were.  

Here are some camps that will give you a chance to go get some quality reps, new training ideas, and just generally fueling the fire you have for your event.

Indy Pole Vault Camp, June 13-14 Website Here

Hoosier Track and Field Camps, June 16-19 Website Here

Indiana State University (Throws, Hurdles, Pole Vault) June 16-18.  Website Here

Indy Jumps Camp (Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, Hurdles) June 20-21 .  Website Here

IHSAA Unified Sectional Meet

posted May 29, 2015, 6:06 PM by Mustang TrackXC

The IHSAA Unified Track and Field Sectional meet is tomorrow, on our home track.  It's going to be a great day for all the participants, and it is up to us to be prepared to host a great meet.

All team members should arrive at the track no later than 11:45 to get in place for hosting duties.  Everyone should be in their red Unified Track shirts.  

Meet is scheduled to start at 1:00, and with only 5events, should run pretty quickly.  

Boys Regional Info

posted May 27, 2015, 5:49 PM by Mustang TrackXC

Bus will leave at 4:15.  All boys competing and those going over to support them need to be there no later than 4:15 to be ready to load and leave.

For school tomorrow (Thursday) the boys decided that they would like their team to wear something that sports Edgewood Track somewhere on it.  

Upcoming Important Dates

posted May 25, 2015, 10:11 PM by Mustang TrackXC   [ updated May 26, 2015, 5:53 AM ]

Tuesday-May 26th: Girls Regional meet at Bloomington North (6:00 start time) Info Here
Girls need to be back at the cafeteria in full gear, no later than 4:15.

Wednesday-May 27: Full Team meeting after school.  ALL team members need to be present, not just those still competing in the state series.  The meeting should take less than 1 hour.

Thursday-May 28: Boys Regional meet at Bloomington North (6:00 start time) Info Here
Boys need to be back at the cafeteria in full gear, no later than 4:15.

Friday-May 29: Gear Turn in.  Athletes still competing at the state finals, of course will not be turning in their gear.  Everyone else should be here after school to do this though.  We know there were some broken zippers and stuff like that.  Anyone not turning in gear that was issued though, will be charged a fee for replacement.  We do not have any extras to spare and it is important that we get the ALL back. 

Saturday-May 30: Unified Track Sectional:  We are hosting the IHSAA Unified Track Sectional this year.  Attendance is mandatory for all athletes on the track team.  There are 8 schools but only 5 events, so the whole meet should not take as long as most meets.   Details will be given at the full-team meeting on Wednesday the 27th.

Thursday-June 4: Full Team End of Year Celebration Banquet-  We are preparing a dinner and awards ceremony to be held at the shelterhouse behind EPS/EIS and give the awards out at the amphitheater.  Final times and directions will be provided at the full-team meeting on Wednesday the 27th.  

Friday-June 5: IHSAA Boys State Finals (3:00 Start Time) Info Here

Saturday-June6: IHSAA Girls State Finals (3:00 Start Time)  Info Here

Tentative Boys OV Lineup

posted May 6, 2015, 8:26 PM by Mustang TrackXC   [ updated May 7, 2015, 11:42 AM ]

The following is a pretty solid idea for most events.  Individual events are pretty set.  4x8 and D 4x4 has some flex in it.  I will communicate with the impacted boys before the meet.

4x800 Hank Weller Denver Harrison
ALT LINEUP McGlothlin Denver Welch Harrison
110HH Austin Mason Stillions Pugh
100D Levi Rhett Cole Hiatt Denver Logan Ian Calvin Hammond Dion Tavaris
1600M Alex Kovach
4x100 Stillions Mason Austin Levi
Tavaris Lucas Logan Cole
PoleVaulters 4x100
400D Rhett Lucas Denver McGlothlin Calvin Hammond Graef
300IH Austin Mason Stillions Pugh
800M Hank Harrison Welch
200D Levi Hiatt Cole Bise Calvin Logan Ian Tavaris
3200M Weller Bradburn Tre
4x400 Austin Lucas Rhett Levi
B: Denver Mason Graef Pugh
C: Kovach Calvin Mario Hammond
D??? Cottingham McGlothlin ?? ??
LJ Rhett Graef Cole Nick Bise Pugh Ian Tavaris
HJ Nick Bise
PV Eli Evan Rhys David Mario
SHOT Wagner Brayden Cade Johnson Welty Waltz Ehrmann Bowman Thompson Clemmons
DISC Fleener Wagner Cade     Brayden Waltz Welty Ehrmann Bowman Thompson Johnson Clemmons

Wednesday plan

posted Apr 28, 2015, 10:14 PM by Mustang TrackXC

With a meet Tuesday and Thursday, Wednesday will likely be a light day for most of our group.  All athletes should bring pool gear, as most will be either in the pool for their workout or in the ice tubs for recovery.  As always, you should bring pool gear and regular dryland gear for a workout, in case the pool availability falls through.  

Tentative Lineup for Tuesday at Clay City

posted Apr 28, 2015, 4:40 AM by Mustang TrackXC   [ updated Apr 28, 2015, 6:20 AM ]

4x800 Weller Kovach Alex Cottingham
McGlothlin Bower Bradburn Welch
110HH Austin Mason Pugh
100D Levi Rhett Cole Hiatt Denver Logan Calvin Hammond Dion Stillions Ian Mason
1600M Cottingham, Kovach, Welch, McGlothlin
4x100 Levi, Austin, Blair, Rhett
    Hiatt, Denver, Lucas, Cole
400D Rhett Ayedlott Lucas Stillions Calvin Hammond
300IH Austin Mason Pugh Stillions
800M Hank Weller Welch Dion
200D Levi  Hiatt Cole Logan Bise Calvin Hammond Stillions Weller Ian
3200M Tre, Bradburn
Blair, Smith, Rhett, Levi
Denver, Lucas, Pugh, Hammond
Mason, Hank, Stillions, Calvin
Kovach, Cottingham, McGlothlin, Weller

LJ Boruff Graef Cole Nick Bise Pugh Ian
HJ Boruff Nick Mason Bise
PV Eli Evan David Rhys Mario
SHOT Wagner Brayden Cade Waltz Welty Ehrmann Bowman Thompson Johnson MattClemmons
DISC Fleener Wagner Brayden Cade Waltz Welty Ehrmann Bowman Thompson Johnson MattClemmons

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